A deep sense of commitment to provide innovative education is the foundation for such an educational endeavour.

Pre Primary

Teaching Methodology - New pathways to learning
" Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded."

Vasant International Public School is one of the premier institutions of Multai which provides Montessori based education to the young students stepping into the portals of education. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori Method is based on an understanding of a child's tendencies and addresses a child’s need. The aim is to maximize a child’s independent learning and exploration.

A major difference between Montessori education and other systems of education is that the Montessori elementary environment balances the child's developing imagination and powers of abstraction with down-to-earth, concrete, hands-on materials.

Facilities Par Excellence

At VIPS Montessori materials provide diverse and creative pathways to learning .While some of the material equips the children for their day to day activities, the use of others enables the children to use their senses for their development. Arithmetic and language learning becomes easy and permanent through the specially designed materials with which children work every day.

Mathematics, for instance, is presented through three-dimensional materials, each providing a concrete way to experience an abstract concept. Likewise, the grammar materials use symbols and visual patterns to help the child discover parts of speech and analyze the structure, style, and logic of sentences.


Co-Curricular Activities - Enriching experiences

Learning is experience, everything else is just information. Pre Primary children are given the opportunity to hone their skill in various fields through aesthetics, cultural events play-way activities in the "kids" room and adventure zone. We lay emphasis on enhancing the social, intellectual moral and cognitive skills. Given the freedom and support to question, to probe deeply, and to make connections, Montessori students become confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners. They are able to think critically, work collaboratively, and act boldly—a skill set for the 21st century.

VIPS believes in translating the vision and dreams of a student into reality. The world of the child is full of movement, and we prepare the environment with beautiful materials and ample opportunity to connect with nature. This approach facilitates growth and fosters learning while keeping up with the eager, enthusiastic and energetic young children.

Primary Wing

Teaching pedagogies -

Interdisciplinary and experiential learning forms the basis of classes extending from I to V which is supported by a caring, friendly and well-structured learning environment.

It uses a blend of technique and technology which aims in developing a child’s sense of discovery and observation. Special attention is paid towards accentuating linguistic skills, scientific and mathematical concepts. The children are motivated to develop a love for learning.

Creative techniques and attractive combination of diagrams, graphical representations, charts and models, smart class modules, hand-on experiments, visits to Language labs, Science & Math labs, nature walks helps the young learners develop an inquisitive nature, imagination and also helps them stand out in academics.

In-school facilities –

At Vasant International Public School, we do not believe in compromising with infrastructural facilities. We strive to give the best out of best.

Creativity@SPS –

Co-curricular activities form intrinsic part of a student’s life at The Vasant International Public School. Co-curricular activities are much more than fun activities; they add a new colour line in a student’s school life. Plethora of cultural, literary and sports competitions are organized for the primary students to polish their personality in many ways. Dance, drama, quizzes, language fests, annual function hones a student’s inter-personal skills, design consciousness, sensitivity of feelings, team work, and links the physical skills to the mind and to the emotion.


In accordance with the CBSE guidelines, annual assessment of the students is based on   Assessments which include worksheet comprising variety of question answers as well as activity-based questions such as Grid and Puzzles, Crossword, Map Skills, Recitation and Identify/Rectify errors.


TEACHING METHODOLOGY- New pathway to learning
Teaching is conceptual and intellectual, abstract and concrete & creative and sequential at VPS.

The Teaching Methodology of the Middle Section concentrates on five Cs‒Consistency, Collaboration, Cognition, Commitment and Creativity . You can teach a student a lesson for a day. But if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. The 21st Century learning stresses on Students becoming Life-Long Learners and that is what we wish to achieve for our Vipsites.

Our Middle School Programme is essentially based on Experiential Learning, which accents on Learning by Doing and in effect replaces the Rote Learning Methodology. The Curriculum is structured to meet the Cognitive, Emotional and Developmental needs of the students and bridges the gap between Theory and Practice.



The School boasts of excellent infrastructure to provide 360⁰ Learning Experiences to Vipsites, sports which caters to the physical growth of the students and well established Laboratory .The school has well stocked library to inculcate Reading Habits in the students and Activity Rooms to provide a platform for their creative pursuits.



Co-scholastic or Co-curricular activities are conducted throughout the year to keep the students occupied in creative quests and to provide an outlet to the students’ bubbling ingenuity. The Annual Calendar specifies the Names and Dates of various competitions which are planned for the Session so that the students get ample time to prepare themselves. Teachers, too, are always at hand to assist with their expertise. The Competitions and Activities are carefully planned keeping in mind the varied interests and mind sets of the students and the list is exhaustive ranging from Dance, Cyber Quiz, Reading, Recitation of Shlokas to Debates, Declamation, Best out of Waste, Music and Painting.


ASSESSMENTS - Evaluating Progress

The Assessment Pattern in Middle Section is based on the Remodelled Structure of Assessment prescribed by the CBSE. The Annual Assessment is based on Two Unit Tests and Two Term Examinations. Each Assessment has suitable weightage and is considered for the Annual Result. The Assessment Pattern is thus Continuous and Comprehensive.

Results are prepared keeping in mind the format suggested by CBSE. Descriptive Indicators on Self Assessment, Work Education, Performing Arts, School Environment/values, Yoga and Sports are also an integral part of the Progress Report.




The academic pattern in the senior section is characterized by flexibility and individuation. It focuses on the needs of individual students and offers a learner-centered approach. The acquisition of new knowledge is made more meaningful through opportunities to apply it. Projects, exhibitions, presentations or field trips ensure that the learner finds many avenues to see the theory in practice.

The assessments are both activity-based and scholastic based, and include a wide array of methods and techniques such as MCQs, projects, creative writing, listening skills, narration, story writing, dialogues, class presentations, enactments, source analysis, power point presentations etc. so that no child is left behind.

A host of co-curricular activities including sports, fine arts and performing arts, prepare the child for a wholesome and liberal attitude to life and relationships.

A conscious effort is made to inculcate social and ethical values, which are enriched by independent, critical thinking, and the students are consistently encouraged to adopt an informed approach towards life.


Senior Secondary

School students need to have an enriching and happy experience at school so they can learn independently, and develop resilience, confidence and maturity before stepping out into the world. Senior School at Vasant International Public School provides students the opportunity to identify their areas of strength and pursue an academic programme that is best suited to their learning style, inclination, and which is in alignment with their long term goals. The aim is to give the learner a sound foundation in conceptual knowledge and in the skills of application, analysis and higher order thinking.

The Senior Secondary School Programme at Vasant International Public School prepares students for examinations in the fields of Science and Commerce as per CBSE curriculum.

Curricular Practices in Senior Secondary School:

  • In Senior Secondary School students are guided in their preparations for different competitive exams.
  • Our assessments are based on projects, science exhibitions, activities, research, weekly quiz competitions, presentations and monthly reviews.
  • Field trips, workshops and guest lectures take on new meaning as interactions with experts and specialists in various fields becomes the focal point.



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